evpilot – Trust us to get you there

The complete route planning & navigation tool specifically designed for Electric Vehicle users.


Electric Vehicle specific navigation tool

EV-Nav takes account of hills and road speeds on range of vehicle, so that you can drive confidently.


We are passionate about sustainability, especially sustainable transport like electric vehicles. Modern motorway Electric Vehicles are a joy to drive, however some limitations mean longer journeys take time to complete and drivers suffer from “Range Anxiety“:
  • Typical maximum range of c. 100 miles
  • UK motorway service stations are generally 30 miles apart
  • Minimum charge times of 30 mins (to 80%)
  • Inaccurate in-vehicle range estimates with errors of upto 15 miles
Current electric vehicles can loose upto 15 miles range without warning.

Current vehicles don’t foresee the effects of hills

To maximize the benefit of electric vehicles requires intuitive route planning facilities and accurate range prediction. Many websites exist to try and solve this problem but nothing provides a complete and accurate end-to-end solution. We want to build over 8 years experience of operating electric vehicles to their maximum range into a product that is easy to use and provides the electric vehicle driver the confidence they need.

The product

“… imagine a navigation system that allows you to use your electric vehicle up to its maximum range with confidence……”
evpilot is specifically designed for electric vehicle drivers and this confidence
  • Complete navigation tool from planning to arrival
  • Quick journey planning
  • Powerful range calculation algorithms gives accurate range estimation based on the planned journey
  • Status updates & recommendations when needed
  • Learn to trust tool by comparing actual-v-estimated performance


We are building a team of talented people to make our vision a reality and aiming to release a version of the software to EV users as soon as possible. In order to develop the software platform fully we are also seeking funding to help make this software the best it can be.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved we are looking for:
  • Contract Developers (please send your CV)
    • Experience of communicating with Electric Vehicles over ODBII and/or
    • Experience of map routing engine development (eg. Google maps, Street maps etc