Business Fleet Support Service

Evergreen provide an end-to-end fleet service to maximise return on investment from the introduction of electric vehicles


  • Determine current fleet operational needs
    • initial meeting to understand business needs
    • gather vehicle movement data (if necessary)
    • gather other related data (if necessary)
  • Inform the business about EVs in order to maximise in-house capability
  • Deliver report containing
    • summary of current fleet requirements including relevant data
    • outline EV and charging infrastructure requirements
    • outline list of current suitable EVs and recommended charging equipmant
    • outline business cost/benefit based on real world practical data


  • Work with client to define updated fleet processes (if necessary) to maximise benefits.
  • Select the most suitable EV and finance model to ensure maximum return on investment
  • Define charging strategy and equipment requirements to ensure continuity of service
  • Calculate detailed costs/benefits using real world data


  • Select and coordinate the installation of charge points.
  • Support the update of company procedures if necessary (e.g. employee policies, etc)
  • Promote the vehicles within and outside the company
  • Driver training to maximise driver confidence and maximise effectiveness


  • Manage EV fleet optimisation
  • Inform business of upcoming opportunities
  • Plan for future upgrades, etc.

Evergreen Values/Skills

  • honest independent expert advice
  • data driven recommendations
  • indepth technical knowledge
  • practical real world experience
  • user decision modelling support
  • indepth industry awareness
  • work with trusted partners to provide additional services (e.g. PV panel installation to maximise benefits)
Evergreen Consulting use extensive practical experience of operating this new technology to manage this for you. We do not sell, or receive commission on, any vehicles or related equipment purchased giving you the assurance that we are working in your best interests.