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Wanted: Basingstoke PHV driver for the first electric taxi in the South



Wanted: Basingstoke PHV driver for the first electric taxi in the South


There are currently 4 taxi companies running one or more electric cars as taxis in the UK. Evergreen Consulting are Hampshire’s only independent electric vehicle experts based in Basingstoke that are working with local partners to introduce the first electric taxi in the South. Electric taxi drivers can expect to save around £4,500/year in fuel cast in addition to significantly reduced servicing costs by driving an electric car.

Job Description

Private hire vehicle driver in the Basingstoke area

Essential Requirements

  • have off-road parking at home – to enable overnight charging of the vehicle
  • capable of complying with Basingstoke Council and other regulatory bodies requirements
  • prepared to accept local Basingstoke runs only – ie no airport runs
  • comfortable driving an automatic car

Desirable Requirements

  • live within about 5 miles of Basingstoke town centre
  • ideally be able to drive a full day or night shift – however, part time drivers will be considered but should expect proportionally less fuel savings
  • have access to a second car – you will probably need this to do long journeys not suitable for the electric car
  • an easy going attitude and happy to engage with clients as you will be helping to change local people’s minds about electric vehicles (background information will be supplied)

Other Opportunities

  • we are also interested in working with someone who wants to start their own eco taxi operator company in Basingstoke
  • for suitable drivers an option to earn 10% on any resultant referrals to Evergreen Consulting due to an introduction they have made will be available.  Training and promotional material will be supplied for free.