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Sustainable Visit



Members of the Hampshire Energy Co-op are having a sustainable day out.

Being sustainable is all about the decisions we make. Members of the Hampshire Energy Co-op are putting their sustainable decision making into practice on Sat 12 April 2014 when they chose to learn more about the practical use of community owned sustainable energy generation.  They are visiting  the first 100% community owned onshore wind farm to be built in the south-east of England at Westmill Wind Farm. RENAULT FLUENCE 11_lr Another sustainable decision some have made is to car share.  However, they are not just sharing any old internal combustion engined car, they have decided to share a modern electric car. This is supplied by one its members, Robert Sharpe the owner of Evergreen Consulting Hampshire’s only independent electric vehicle expert based in Basingstoke.  The group are keen to experience how a modern electric vehicle is just like a normal vehicle.  Although most charging of electric cars will be performed at home or work, they also get to see how rapid charging works in practice, for longer trips. The trip will be a total of 160 miles and require a FREE rapid charge lasting about 30 minutes at Membury Services on both legs of the journey.  This gives time for a “tea and a pee” and just enough time to discuss the charger and have a look at the car in detail. Finally, choosing to take the electric car will also save money with its extremely low running costs.  According to Robert’s experience the car costs the equivalent cost of 350 mpg to fuel from home which can save upto £4,000/year.  However, the free charges used on this trip mean that, what would have cost around £24 (160 miles at 40 mpg) only costs about £1.50 Follow @EGCtechnical on twitter to hear about their progress or contact them for more information on using electric vehicles. Editor’s Notes The rapid charger at Membury is part of 100 such chargers rolled out as part of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway program and a government program to have over 500 rapid charge points in the UK by 2015. As well as supporting local businesses with sustainable transport needs Evergreen Consulting are also introducing the first electric taxi in the South joining the 3 other companies in England running electric taxis in other areas.