Evergreen Consulting aims to promote the take-up of electric vehicles as a convenient form of sustainable transport by:
  • providing demonstrable practical experience of their use
  • providing independent expert advice based on practical data
  • working closely with customers and the community to provide the best possible service
  • sharing our passion for electric vehicles


The technical staff at Evergreen Consulting have:
  • over 10 years practical experience of electronic and software design in commercial environments. They have been instrumental in developing several novel and powerful user communication information systems to significantly ease operator work load.
  • operating, maintaining and promoting electric vehicles as their main form of transport since 2007. completing many EV rallies.
  • regularly ompleting journeys travelling almost exactly the same distance as the stated range of the vehicle, resulting in the development of mechanisms for successful arrival at the destination.


Staff at Evergreen Consulting have experience of operating electric vehicles since 2007 and have helped many organisations including: