Hampshire’s only independent electric vehicle experts

Utilising our combined technical expertise, and with over 6 years experience of operating electric vehicles, Evergreen Consulting offers bespoke services to help businesses and individuals select the best electric vehicle options for their needs.

We’ve been providing expert, independent electric vehicle advice since 2007, and in that time we’ve worked on a number of key projects.

Our friendly, flexible and helpful advice helps both business owners and domestic users.

Electric vehicles are still a new phenomenon, and we help you by professionally and swiftly pinpointing where and how you can make immediate cost savings.


We’re here for you.

Evergreen Consulting offers a wide range of services

  • independent and friendly advice, for business and domestic users
  • in depth knowledge and experience of electric vehicles
  • personalised and bespoke services
  • strategic and operational consultancy and support services
  • feasibility studies and business case scenarios
  • evidence based research and planning tools
  • costs v benefits analyses
  • charge point infrastructure and site planning
  • charge point equipment selection
  • talks, seminars, presentations
  • electric show vehicle for your events